About Me

I'm Staci, I have been photographing life in some way, shape, or form as long as I can remember. I am a bit silly, a bit awkward, and a dash of weird. I will 100% make fart noises to get a child to smile...or an adult, you'd be surprised how well that works. I enjoy capturing the raw emotion of the moment, freezing it in time forever. I aspire to be your photographer, growing with you and your family as time goes on.

I want you to feel comfortable, beautiful, and the truest form of yourself. I want to capture the way you only look at your partner, knowing you were made to be together on this planet. I want to capture the emotion you feel as you look at your baby bump, imagining your sweet little child looking up at you when you first meet. I want to capture the smiles and giggles from an inside joke only your family knows.

I am your photographer, ready to capture your memories.